Jordi Sabates

Real Name:Jordi Sabatés Navarro

Jordi Sabatés (born October 23, 1948 in Barcelona, Spain - January 11 2022) was a jazz pianist and composer.

Sabatés started his career with the 1960s pop band Pic-Nic, a group which also included guitarist Toti Soler, with whom he would frequently collaborate. After Pic-Nic broke up, Sabatés and Soler founded the psychedelic rock band OM, which also played in support of Pau Riba.

In 1971-72 Sabatés led the jazz ensemble Jarka, which released two albums during that time. He also collaborated with Soler again on a jazz album in 1973 before embarking on a long solo career. He has also collaborated with many well known musicians in the Catalan music scene over the years. , Wikipedia , Wikipedia , Imdb
In Groups:Brenner's Folk, Jarka, OM (13), Pic-Nic
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