Real Name:Tristan Whitehill

Gainesville-based composer/multi-instrumentalist Tristan Whitehill records under the moniker Euglossine. His immaculate strain of songcraft, developed over a series of releases on labels like Hausu Mountain, Orange Milk and Beer on the Rug, bridges the complex harmonies of jazz fusion, the ornate synth performances of library music, and the rapidly evolving sentimental resonances of video game music. Euglossine lays out his tracks as lush multi-instrumental productions that blend real-time performances on guitar, bass, and keyboards with detailed backdrops of programmed percussion and tiered layers of analog and modular synthesis. Though his songs showcase winding leads and knotty chord structures akin to progressive rock composition, he bypasses the trappings of virtuosity in favor of austere atmospheres and dynamic emotional arcs.

Sites:Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud , X , Instagram
Aliases:Tristan Whitehill




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