Art Tatum

Real Name:Arthur Tatum Jr.

American jazz pianist, widely acknowledged as one of the greatest of all time.
Born: October 13, 1909 in Toledo, Ohio
Died: November 5, 1956 in Los Angeles, California.

From infancy he suffered from cataracts which left him blind in one eye and with only very limited vision in the other.
A major influence on later generations of jazz pianists, he was hailed for the technical proficiency of his performances, which set a new standard for jazz piano virtuosity. Among the countless quotes of praise he garnered, jazz critic Leonard Feather has called Tatum "the greatest soloist in jazz history, regardless of instrument."
In 1964, Art Tatum was inducted, posthumously, into the DownBeat Jazz Hall of Fame.
Tatum posthumously received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989. , Wikipedia , , , ,
In Groups:Art Tatum And His Band, Art Tatum And His Swingsters, Art Tatum Sextet, Art Tatum Trio, Art Tatum's All Stars, Barney Bigard Sextet, Coleman Hawkins All Star Band, Coleman Hawkins Swing Four, Esquire All Stars, Esquire All-American Jazz Band, Jam Session (11), Leonard Feather All Stars, Lionel Hampton And His Giants, Tatum - Eldridge - Stoller - Simmons Quartet, The Art Tatum - Ben Webster Quartet, The Art Tatum Buddy Defranco Quartet, The Lionel Hampton - Art Tatum - Buddy Rich Trio
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