Andrew Weatherall

Real Name:Andrew James Weatherall

British DJ, producer, musician, and remixer.

Born: 6 April 1963 in Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK.
Died: 17 February 2020 in London, England, UK (aged 56).

Weatherall worked in and showed enthusiasm for a wide variety of genres. He moved into visual art later in life. Labels he previously ran include Sabres Of Paradise, Emissions Audio Output, Bird Scarer Records, and Moine Dubh.

He died suddenly from a pulmonary embolism.

Brother to Ian Weatherall. , Soundcloud , Wikipedia
Aliases:A. Klunker, Meek (2), The Chairman (4)
In Groups:Aramchek, Basic Units, Blood Sugar, Bocca Juniors, C-pij 04, Dayglo Maradona, Deanne Day, Fort Beulah N.U., Frisch Und Munter, Hidden Library, Klart, Klunk, Lino Squares, Lords Of Afford, Planet 4 Folk Quartet, Rude Solo, The Asphodells, The Black Balloons, The Hold, The Major And Brother T
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