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Andrew Weatherall - B album art I Am Kloot Gods And Monsters (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix) (as Andy Wheatherall) I Am Kloot - B (Comp, Album) Skinny Dog US 2009 Sell This Version

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July 23, 2015
“Prepare yourself for one hell of a journey,” Pete Tong said in 1993 while introducing The Lord Sabre, The Chairman, The Don, Andrew Weatherall to the then new Radio One show Essential Mix. Truly, it’s absurd to give some kind of run-down on Weatherall. The man has had a hand to do w/ so much. Even before I rightly knew Weatherall’s music like today, I was listening to his work thru acts like Primal Scream, Fuck Buttons and protege Daniel Avery. Then there was the Two Lone Swordsmen album, “Stay Down,” that I happened upon and enjoyed enough to investigate more. You find Weatherall, and at turns he finds you. Beyond the recommendations I’ll provide, there are countless articles and Discogs itself to help anyone interested further. The forest is dense and daunting, but navigable and rewarding: Keep digging.

Recommendations: Essential Mix (11/13/1993, 10/27/1996 & 03/10/2002), Resident Advisor 470 podcast, Fact Mix 085, Two Lone Swordsmen “Stay Down,” The Sabres of Paradise “Sabresonic” & “Sabresonic II,” play 93 “Dexter [Two Lone Swordsmen Remix],” Primal Scream “Screamadelica,” THRONE OF BLOOD 024 “Movement [Andrew Weatherall Remix],” PRIME 028 “Destination Africa [Electric Forest Version],” CRE 110T “Don't Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix),” and the list goes on and on.


February 22, 2003
Andrew Weatherall is a true pioneer of electronic music, but not a lot of people know that he also once starred in a feature film, the 1997 British gangster movie "Hard Men", in which he played the character of Buddha. Its only a minor role, in which he gets the shit kicked out of him by a couple of gangsters, and if you blink, you'll miss it. Interestingly, the Internet Movie Database spells his name incorrectly - Andrew Wetherall. His appearance in this movie earns him a "Kevin Bacon number" of 3.


February 21, 2003
Throughout 1989/90/91 Weatherall could do no wrong, producing some of the greatest remixes of the time and being instrumental in the rise of indie dance, turning tracks from artists such as The Happy Mondays and James into all time club classics.

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