Funebre Inferi

Funebre Inferi

Funebre Inferi in Latin means funeral hell.
Band's thematology influenced by death worship, occultism(necromancy) and old horror movies(especially about "holy inquisition" and witch hunting).

The founder and the only member of the band had the idea to create the band in prison(prison transfers) as the police had arrest him as they found on him a knife and at his home a human skull stolen by the local cemetary painted in black color, satanic symbols at his room(posters with 666, pentagrams and other symbols made by him), Black Metal/Death Metal music and occult books. The prosecutor sent him at Dahou of Penteli(a sanatorium on mount of Penteli) where he spend 6 mounths of his life among children and teens who suffered from softer to heavy mental problems. Best things he did there was listening to black metal music, talking with the blonde nurse-rock listener and a good female friend- and having endless walks, alone, in the woods and caves(full of bats) of mount Penteli. After 6 months the psychiatrists who examined him found that he never suffered from any mental disease and thus the beast was free again. This happened during 1992, when the case of the Satanists of Palini had see the light of media

The leader of the band since 2000 is no longer a satanist, darkist, occultist and black metal listener and musician but a paganist.


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Funebre Inferi Deathcult Not On Label (Funebre Inferi Self-released) Greece 1996 Sell This Version
Wintergods / Funebre Inferi Wintergods / Funebre Inferi - Strigoi / Deathcult 96 Profane Elite Productions Greece 1997 Sell This Version

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