One-man black metal act from Spain.
Formed in 2007.



IKP005 Wargoatcult - Abominations, Chaos And Bestial Warfare album art Adokhsiny / Wargoatcult / Wicked (28) / Nadimač / Land Of Hate Adokhsiny / Wargoatcult / Wicked (28) / Nadimač / Land Of Hate - Abominations, Chaos And Bestial Warfare(CD) Infernal Kaos Productions IKP005 South Korea 2009 Sell This Version
NUKT.011., I.R.033 Wargoatcult - Warmageddonic Alliance Of Doom album art Infernal War 666 / Wargoatcult Infernal War 666 / Wargoatcult - Warmageddonic Alliance Of Doom(CD, Album) Nuktemeron Productions, Impaled Records NUKT.011., I.R.033 Brazil 2009 Sell This Version
NILZ013 Wargoatcult - Bestial Supremacy album art Wargoatcult / Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle Wargoatcult / Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle - Bestial Supremacy Nexus Innspillinger NILZ013 Spain 2010 Sell This Version
OCR 39, BR 027 Wargoatcult - Blasphemization Through Intolerance album art Wargoatcult / Heathen/Lifecode Wargoatcult / Heathen/Lifecode - Blasphemization Through Intolerance(CD, Album, Ltd) Old Cemetery Records, Butchered Records OCR 39, BR 027 US 2011 Sell This Version
IKP021 Wargoatcult - War & Carnage album art Chainsaw Carnage / Wargoatcult Chainsaw Carnage / Wargoatcult - War & Carnage(CD, Album, Ltd) Infernal Kaos Productions IKP021 South Korea 2011 Sell This Version
NM28 Wargoatcult - La Horda Del Chivo album art Wargoatcult La Horda Del Chivo(CD, Album, Ltd) Nigra Mors NM28 Spain 2011 Sell This Version
OCR 47, BR 038 Wargoatcult - Pentaprotokhaos album art Wargoatcult Pentaprotokhaos(CD, Album) Old Cemetery Records, Butchered Records OCR 47, BR 038 US 2012 Sell This Version
SOTW007 Wargoatcult - Blasfematoria / Usque Ad Ossa album art Die Human Race / Wargoatcult Die Human Race / Wargoatcult - Blasfematoria / Usque Ad Ossa(Cass, Ltd, Num) Supremacy Of The War Distro / Records SOTW007 Brazil 2012 Sell This Version
MJP025 Wargoatcult - Hatecatomb album art Wargoatcult Hatecatomb(CD, Album, Ltd) Magistellus infernal Productions MJP025 Peru 2013 Sell This Version
TR008CD Wargoatcult - Apolokia V album art Wargoatcult Apolokia V(CD, Album, Ltd) Talheim Records TR008CD Austria 2013 Sell This Version
Bpa.001 Wargoatcult - En Pie De Guerra album art Wargoatcult En Pie De Guerra(CD, Album) Brutal Panzer Assault Records Bpa.001 Mexico 2014 Sell This Version
MIP028 Wargoatcult - Proteus Inferno album art Wargoatcult Proteus Inferno(CD, Album) Magistellus Infernal Productions MIP028 Peru 2016 Sell This Version
ER52 Wargoatcult - The Law Of Kalashnikov album art Wargoatcult The Law Of Kalashnikov(CD, Album) Elegy Records ER52 2016 Sell This Version
M.O.T.D-006 Wargoatcult - Black War album art Hereticum / Wargoatcult Hereticum / Wargoatcult - Black War(2xCD, Album) Merch Of The Dead Prods M.O.T.D-006 Spain 2016 Sell This Version
ER61 Wargoatcult - Phasmatis Interregnum album art Wargoatcult Phasmatis Interregnum(CD, Album, Dig) Elegy Records ER61 US 2017 Sell This Version
BP 708 Wargoatcult - Águia De Aceiro album art Wargoatcult Águia De Aceiro(CD, Album, Ltd, Num) Barbatos Productions BP 708 Russia 2018 Sell This Version
PWD CD 068 Wargoatcult - The Wargonaut album art Wargoatcult The Wargonaut(CD, Album, Ltd) Pagan War Distro PWD CD 068 Brazil 2019 Sell This Version
WP 004 Wargoatcult - DCLXVI album art Wargoatcult / Diabolical (4) Wargoatcult / Diabolical (4) - DCLXVI(CD, Album, Ltd) Warmachine Prod. WP 004 Canada 2019 Sell This Version
MOTD.10 Wargoatcult - Armada Invencible album art Wargoatcult Armada Invencible(CD, Album) Merch Of The Dead Prods MOTD.10 Spain 2019 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

TDR 011 Wargoatcult - Beasthrone / Wargoatcult album art Beasthrone / Wargoatcult Beasthrone / Wargoatcult - Beasthrone / Wargoatcult(7", EP) Total Death Records TDR 011 Germany 2015 Sell This Version
GR03 Wargoatcult - Kadaververwertungsanstalt album art Wargoatcult Kadaververwertungsanstalt (EP) Merch Of The Dead Prods GR03 Germany 2018 Sell This Version
MOTD.009 Wargoatcult - Die Glocke album art Wargoatcult Die Glocke(CD, EP, Ltd) Merch Of The Dead Prods MOTD.009 Spain 2019 Sell This Version
none Wargoatcult - Apocryphal Canon album art Wargoatcult Apocryphal Canon(CDr, EP) Not on Label none Spain 2019 Sell This Version


NM 43 Wargoatcult - War Bringer, War Cult album art Wargoatcult War Bringer, War Cult(CD, Comp) Nigra Mors NM 43 Spain 2015 Sell This Version


none Wargoatcult - Nuclearmageddon Theories album art Wargoatcult Nuclearmageddon Theories Not On Label (Wargoatcult Self-released) none Spain 2007 Sell This Version