Necrophagia was formed in 1983 by vocalist Killjoy. Inspirations were Venom, Hellhammer and horror/gore movies, which is the band's main theme and lyrical topic. The band self-released five demo tapes before recording "Ready For Death"; this was supposed to be the debut album, but it didn't end up seeing a release until 1990. The band went back into the studio, however, and in 1987 they finally released their classic debut album "Season of the Dead". However, shortly after the record's release the band broke up. According to Killjoy, this was because the other members wanted to go towards a more mainstream style, while he wanted to maintain their original primitive death metal sound.

After the break-up, the band lay dormant until 1997, when Phil Anselmo of Pantera contacted Killjoy and said he would like to collaborate on a new Necrophagia album. This was eventually written and recorded as "Holocausto de la Morte". The band has gone through several changes in line-up since then, and in the process released three more full-length albums and a number of splits, EPs and compilations of earlier material.

Killjoy passed away on March 18, 2018. The band's future is currently in question.

The band's most recent line-up was:

Killjoy: Vocals
Abigail Lee Nero: Guitars
Scrimm: Guitars
Damien Matthews: Bass
Shawn Slusarek: Drums