Dez Dottin

Real Name:
Desmond Dottin
Place of Birth: Birmingham, England
Date: April 4
Sign: Aries
Race: Nubian
Parentage: Mother [Jamaican] Father [Barbados]
Siblings: 2 brothers; one older, one younger
Raised: New York [USA]
Residence: New York
In Groups:

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January 7, 2007
edited over 11 years ago
The Originator of Blue Eyed Soul

Before Blue eyed soul, pop music was a very safe well, filled with boy bands and soppy I love you songs. Any artist in this genre had to suffer, trapped in a wad of chewed bubble gum totally devoid of any edge, that is until a significant record was made, “In My Dreams” by the group Dream. Produced by Dez Dottin who, along with writing partner Gordon Dukes had the desire to push the limits of pop music over the edge by adding a raw element of funk to the mix. The song was then taken to Puff Daddy, wait a minute was his name Puff Daddy at that time? Never the less, when Puff heard it he instantly got the concept and corralled fellow Hitmen Mario Winans and Jack Knight to put the finishing touches on it. That was the easy part, because the group Dream was signed to Bad Boy through a another Production company that shared equal decision making power of what songs made the album as Puff did. Thus Puff had to fight tooth and nail to get them to see what we saw and despite the court room drama he was going through from the night club shooting, the brother stayed focused, fought hard and they finally caved, adding the song that would later become the record responsible for changing the direction of the Pop Music genre to where it is today. This fact would have been public knowledge and better documented had the song been released as a single and had a video, as a matter of fact, the record was on the schedule to be a single had it not been for the Bad Boy marketing staff running down the streets of Manhattan for their lives. Why you say? I think it had something to do with 2 Jumbo jets flying into the Twin Towers. That’s right the scheduled date for the single release was none other than 9-11-01. Never the less the song was buzzing behind the scenes and when the smoke cleared the industry’s direction was set and what followed was a slew of significant releases by competitors such as N’ Sync’s “Gone”, Justin’s “Justified” and Britney’s “Slave for You”. So when you see an artist like Furgie singing to a track like London Bridge just understand where it originated, “Bad Boy baby”.


That crazy sound in the intro and through out the song “In My Dreams” came about because Dez Dottin took a break while making the track to give himself a hair cut and while doing this the clippers slipped out of his hand and landed against a guitar whose amp happened to be on and he heard the craziest sound He then experimented with it, turning the clippers on and sliding it down the neck of his electric guitar thus creating this weird noise. He added it to the track and dubbed this technique the “Dez Electrik Slide”.