Vicki Brown

Real Name:Victoria Mary Brown, née Haseman

English pop, rock and contemporary classical singer

Born; 23rd August 1940, Liverpool, England
Died; 16th June 1991, Henley-on-Thames, England
She is best known for her membership of The Vernons Girls and as one of the UK's most enduring backing vocalists.
She was the first wife of fellow singer and musician, Joe Brown, and mother of the singer, Sam Brown and the producer, Pete Brown (3).

In 1979 Brown began recording with The New London Chorale and the group's popularity with the Dutch people paved the way for Brown's solo success in the Netherlands.

As a session and live vocalist, Vicki worked with Jon Lord, Roger Waters, Alvin Lee, Chris Farlowe, Steve Marriott, Cerrone, Gary Moore, Yvonne Keeley, Eric Burdon, Pink Floyd, Bryan Ferry, Olivia Newton-John, Robert Palmer, Elton John, amongst other artists.

She died of breast cancer on 16 June 1991 at the age of 50.

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Aliases:Vicki Haseman
In Groups:Bookham And Riskett, Brown's Home Brew, Empire (3), Methusalem, New London Chorale, The Breakaways, The Seashells, The Vernons Girls, The Mouseketeers (3)
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