Whiplash (5)

Whiplash is a classic American thrash metal band, formed in 1984. The original power trio line-up was comprised of the 3 Tonys: Tony Portaro (guitar, vocals), Tony Scaglione (drums) and Tony Bono (bass). They appeared on the "Speed Metal Hell" compilation from New Renaissance Records in 1985 with the track "Thrash Till Death" after which they signed with Roadrunner Records. Their debut album, "Power And Pain," was released in 1985 by Roadrunner, followed by "Ticket To Mayhem" in 1987, with Joe Cangelosi on drums. In 1989, as a four-piece, with Glenn Hansen on vocals, they released "Insult To Injury."

Whiplash released "Cult Of One" in 1996 on Massacre Records, with Rob Gonzo as vocalist, and Warren Conditi added on guitar. They followed that with "Sit, Stand, Kneel, Prey" in 1997, where Conditi took over vocals and Bob Candella joined on drums. "Thrashback," released in 1998, saw the return of the original line-up of the 3 Tonys.

Following their 6th release, a long hiatus began, during which Whiplash original member Tony Bono passed away in 2002. The band reformed again in 2008 with former drummer Joe Cangelosi, and bassist Rich Day, as Whiplash released "Unborn Again" in 2009 on Pulverized Records.

Tony Portaro continued to lead Whiplash as they began touring in 2011, adding Dank Delong on bass and Dan "Loord" Foord on drums. Focusing on writing, recording and performing shows to new audiences around the world, they independently released the single "Sword Meet Skull" in 2013, anticipating the release of "Old School American Way" (slated for a late 2015 date).

Whiplash tours with Dank Delong on bass, and occasionally with Dan Foord, Charlie Zeleny or James DeMaria on drums.

Current line-up
Tony Portaro - Vocals, Guitar
Dank DeLong - Bass
Charlie Zeleny - Drums

Former/past member(s)
Glenn Hansen
Rob Gonzo
Warren Conditi (and Guitar)

Rich Day
James Preziosa
Tony Bono (R.I.P. 1964 - 24th May 2002, heart attack)

Tony Scaglione
Joe Cangelosi
Bob Candella
Dan Foord (touring)
James DeMaria (touring)

Additional notes
Tony Portaro & Tony Scaglione played also in M.O.D., on the 1993 tour, as guests.
Peter Steele and Louie Beateaux of Carnivore, and Vinnie Stigma and Rob Kabulasang of Agnostic Front sang background vocals on "Power And Pain."
Michael Pinnella and Michael Romeo of Symphony X are guest performers on "Thrashback."


Whiplash (5) - Power And Pain album art Whiplash (5) Power And Pain (Album) Roadrunner Records Europe 1985 Sell This Version
Whiplash (5) - Ticket To Mayhem album art Whiplash (5) Ticket To Mayhem (Album) Roadrunner Records Europe 1987 Sell This Version
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Whiplash (5) - Thrashback album art Whiplash (5) Thrashback (Album) Massacre Records Germany 1998 Sell This Version
Whiplash (5) - Unborn Again album art Whiplash (5) Unborn Again (Album) Pulverised Records 2009 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

none Whiplash (5) - Thunderstruk  album art Whiplash (5) Thunderstruk (Cass, S/Sided, EP) Fatal Music (3) none US 1984 Sell This Version
Whiplash (5) - Revolution Starts Here album art Whiplash (5) / Released Anger Whiplash (5) / Released Anger - Revolution Starts Here (Single) Floga Records Greece 2016 Sell This Version


Whiplash (5) - Power And Pain + Ticket To Mayhem album art Whiplash (5) Power And Pain + Ticket To Mayhem (Comp) Displeased Records Netherlands 1998 Sell This Version
Whiplash (5) - Messages In Blood album art Whiplash (5) Messages In Blood (Comp, Album) Displeased Records Netherlands 1999 Sell This Version