Real Name:Patrick Stottrop

Kareem, Founder of Zhark Recordings Berlin, has been presenting heavy armoured track material since the year 96 challenging the auditory, pushing them deep into the abyss.
His definition of the Zharkesthetic lies in conveying a claustrophobic state > an atmosphere of threatening sound architecture constantly challenging the innocuous conventions of the electronic DANCE MEDIUM.
His portfolio ranges from dozens of vinyl releases on Zhark, to release collaborations with industrial techno producers such as Ancient Methods or Dave Foster aka HUREN.
Kareem has furthermore contributed to projects such as Amélie Ravalec`s Techno Documentary Paris/Berlin 20 years of underground Techno, Perc`s 10 year anniversary compilation or Boomkat`s Connor Thomas conceptional vinyl series The Death of Rave.
Kareem has played major venue such as Berghain, Tresor or Katharis (Amsterdam) and has been transmitting his dark vision of Techno both as a DJ and in intense long enduring Live Set sessions.

Aliases:Patrick Stottrop
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