Joe Fagin

Real Name:Joseph James Fegan

British pop singer-songwriter artist
Born: April 21, 1941 in Liverpool, England, UK.
Died: September 5, 2023.

Fagin was the frontman of Merseybeat band The Strangers, often appearing on the same bill as The Beatles. He was musical director for Jim Davidson, including his 1983 Falklands tour. Has one of the most recognisable voices ever to be heard on record, television, and film. Best known for performing the theme songs from the first and second series of the comedy-drama "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet", he has enjoyed success in the UK, Europe, and the USA with hit singles such as "Why Don't We Spend the Night" and "Younger Days". He has recorded a wide range of music styles, from the light-hearted pop/rock style of "That's Livin' Alright", the witty lyrics of "Savin' Face" (from the Bob Geldof film "Number One"), the gentle, sentimental "As Time Goes By" to the theatrical sounds of the contemporary opera "Paris". Fagin has also demonstrated acting talent, both on television and in the theatre, from appearances with Bob Hoskins in "The Long Good Friday", the cult comedy "Blott on the Landscape" with David Suchet, to the theatre with an adaptation of the children's classic "Wind in the Willows", and most recently the contemporary opera "Paris". He also made an appearance as a country singer in "The Barbara Taylor Bradford Mystery - To Be the Best".

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In Groups:Brown's Home Brew, Les Play Boys (2), Robb And Dean Douglas, The Crowd (2)
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