W.A.S.P. a.k.a. WASP is a Heavy Metal band formed in 1982, Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

The group's title is an acronym for "We Are Sexual Perverts" as shown in the first press vinyl's runout of their debut album.

The band is led by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Blackie Lawless. They arose out of Los Angeles's glam metal scene and gained notoriety for their over the top stage shows, which included the band throwing raw meat into the audience, scantily clad women on stage, and Lawless's spark-shooting codpiece.

The group's first single, "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" brought further infamy.

The band was commercially successful throughout most of the 1980's but also caught the attention of parent's groups, most significantly the PMRC. Lawless continues to record and tour under the W.A.S.P. banner with various line ups.

In the 2000s, he reclaimed the Christian faith of his youth and subsequently began toning down his stage shows and censoring some of the lyrics to some of his older, more explicit songs during live performances.

He has also publicly stated that he will no longer play "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" due to his religious faith. , MySpace , Facebook , X , , , , , Wikipedia
Members:Chris Holmes (2), Darrell Roberts, Don Costa (3), Douglas Blair Lucek, Frankie Banali, Glenn Holland (2), Johnny Rod, Mike "Spud" Dupke, Mike Duda, Patrick Johansson (2), Randy Piper, Rik Fox, Stet Howland, Steve Riley, Steven Duren, Tony Richards (4)
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