Frank Sidebottom

Real Name:Chris Sievey

Frank Sidebottom was the comic persona of Chris Sievey created in 1984 as a mascot for The Freshies. Following the group's break up that same year, Sievey began to perform as Frank alone. In 1985, Frank was signed to Regal Zonophone Records, on which he released three EPs, before moving onto a variety of his own independent labels. Two years later he released his first album 'Fantastic Tales' through his 11:37 Label. Throughout his career he only released five albums.

Following the release of his 'Panic' single in 1993 Frank Sidebottom character was retired until December of 2005, when Frank began to once again make live appearances. He would continue to be active until Sievey's death in 2010. , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Chris Sievey, Chris Sievey's Pyjama Band, Little Frank And The Beastie Puppets, The Sidebottom Twins
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