Andy Mackay

Real Name:Andrew Edwin Mackay

English saxophonist, oboe player, widely-respected film and television composer, and founding member of Roxy Music, was born July 23, 1946 in Lostwithiel, Cornwall but grew up in Pimlico in central London.

At college Andy became deeply involved with avant-garde and electronic music, particularly the work of John Cage, Morton Feldman and Karl Heinz Stockhausen. It was at this time that he met Brian Eno, an art student at nearby Winchester College of Art. A well known career in Roxy Music ensued.

Early in 1992, following the sudden death of his wife, Andy suspended most musical activity to bring up his children, but resumed musical activities in 1993. , Wikipedia , Facebook
In Groups:Andy Mackay & The Metaphors, Manzanera & Mackay, Roxy Music, Streethart, The Clang Group, The Explorers (2), The Players (15), The Venus In Furs
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