Billy Sherrill

Real Name:Billy Norris Sherrill

American prolific songwriter and producer, as well as arranger and sound engineer.
Born on Nov. 5, 1936 in Phil Campbell, Alabama - died on Aug. 4, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.
He is most famous for his association with a number of country artists, especially Tammy Wynette and Charlie Rich.
For the Nashville-based recording engineer (Sound Shop / Jack Clement Recording) and still alive as of August 2019, please use Billy Sherrill (2).*

In 1962, he was hired by Sam Phillips to oversee Memphis-based Sun Records’ studio (Sam Phillips Studio) in Nashville. When Sun went bankrupt the following year, he found work as an in-house producer for Epic Records, a subsidiary of Columbia, regularly producing at Columbia Recording Studios, Nashville. He left Columbia in 1985 to become an independent producer.

Sherrill co-wrote with Wynette her most famous hit, "Stand By Your Man" and he won a Grammy Award in 1975 for Best Country Song for Rich's version of the song "A Very Special Love Song".

*Note: please, be very careful when credit this profile or Billy Sherrill (2); due to - coincidentally - almost same area (Nashville), same period (1970/80s) and same technical role. Billy Sherrill worked as sound engineer -at least- till 1964 at Sam Phillips Studio, Nashville (but possibly also after this date !) and he turned more into a producer role (the majority of his career). While Billy Sherrill (2) started to work in very early of 1970s at The Sound Shop / Jack Clement Recording Studios, then Sound Emporium and spent the majority of his career as sound engineer (very rarely as producer). , , , Wikipedia , ,
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