The Crucifucks

The Crucifucks were a hardcore punk rock band from Lansing, MI, USA, formed in 1981 by vocalist Doc Dart. The group was known for Dart's shrill voice, anti-authoritarian lyrics, and extreme antagonism. Unusual for a participant in the mostly youth-orientated hardcore scene, Dart was 28 years old when the band started. The band's original drummer was Steve Shelly, who eventually ended up as the permanent drummer for Sonic Youth. The Crucifucks first album was recorded by Black Flag producer Spot and released on the Dead Kennedys' label Alternative Tentacles in 1985. The album, featuring songs like "Cops for Fertilizer" and "Hinkley Had a Vision" (referring to would-be presidential assassin John Hinkley) is hailed in some quarters but was later referred to as an "abomination" by Dart. Dart returned with a different line up and a different sound for 1987's "Wisconsin" but the band was done shortly afterwards. In 1990, Dart released a solo album entitled "Patricia" (named after his therapist) on Alternative Tentacles. In 1996, Dart formed a new band called L.D. Eye and approached his old label about releasing their record. Alternative Tentacles agreed to do so as long as the band called themselves The Crucifucks. That same year, Dart and the label were sued by the Philadelphia chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police and Officer James Whalen over a photo used on the back over of "Our Will Be Done", a 1992 CD compilation of the Crucifucks first two albums. The photo featured Whalen supposedly shot dead next to his cruiser (the scene was staged and used to raise public awareness as part of a contract dispute between the union and Philadelphia in 1986). A judge initially ruled against the label and Dart but the decision was later overturned. Dart put the Crucifucks to rest in 1998. Since then, he has taken to calling himself "26" and no longer likes to say his old band's name, as he has stopped using curse words.


VIRUS 38 The Crucifucks - The Crucifucks album art The Crucifucks The Crucifucks (Album) Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 38 US 1984 Sell This Version
VIRUS 53 The Crucifucks - Wisconsin album art The Crucifucks Wisconsin (Album) Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 53 US 1987 Sell This Version
VIRUS 186CD The Crucifucks - L.D. Eye album art The Crucifucks L.D. Eye (Album) Alternative Tentacles VIRUS 186CD US 1996 Sell This Version


Virus 111 CD The Crucifucks - Our Will Be Done album art The Crucifucks Our Will Be Done (Comp) Alternative Tentacles Virus 111 CD US 1992 Sell This Version