The Crucifucks magsrecords

December 2, 2020 good set of live photos from '84 here. is that a Dead Milkmen setlist I see in the background?

The Crucifucks topofthepops

February 24, 2021
Yeah, it is totally a Dead Milkmen setlist, priceless picture!

The Crucifucks buddysrecords

October 2, 2015
most of the songs from there debut lp first appeared in better form on demos from 1982

The Crucifucks ngrafe

January 16, 2017
Found the demos from 82 on Cassette today. Don't see this listed here but can't wait to hear it.

The Crucifucks Scanzmedia

November 14, 2014
Saw this band a few times in East Lansing when I was going to Michigan State... Doc Dart antagonized the audience and it was fucking great!