Sludge doom metal band from Boston, which was formed in 1991 as a side project of members of Disrupt. They broke up in 2001, but did a reunion tour in 2005, which was followed by a CD featuring recordings from this tour.

Final Line-Up:

Jeff Hayward - Vocals/Guitars
Eric Harrison - Bass/Vocals
John Heidenrich - Guitar
Rick Johnson - Drums

Previous members:

Terry Savastano - Guitars
Randy Odierno - Bass or Drums
Jay Stiles - Guitars
Pete Donovan - Drums
Steve Nelson - Guitars
Chuck Conlon - Drums
Tim Morse - Drums
Pete Cassin- Drums
Ray Mcaffrey - Drums

Bill T Miller - Engineer/Co-Producer , Facebook , Wikipedia
Members:Chuck Conlon (3), Eric Harrison, Jay Stiles, Jeff Hayward, John Heidenrich, Peter Donovan, Randy Odierno, Ray McCaffrey, Rick Johnson, Steve Nelson (2), Terry Savastano




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