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Volcano Suns were founded in Boston in 1983 by former Mission of Burma drummer/vocalist Peter Prescott. Prescott was initially joined by guitarist Gary Waleik and bassist Steve Michener but Waleik and Michener left early on to form Big Dipper before the Volcano Suns released any material (Waleik would later make guest appearances on some Volcano Suns albums). They were replaced by bassist Jeff Weigand and guitarist Jon Williams. This line-up recorded the Volcano Suns first two albums, 1985's "The Bright Orange Years" and 1986's "All-Night Lotus Party". In early 1987, Weigand and Williams left the band and were replaced by Bob Weston and Chuck Hahn, respectively, for the group's third album, "Bumper Crop", their final release for Homestead Records. Volcano Suns jumped to SST Records for 1988's "Farced", which would be the final album to feature Chuck Hahn. Hahn was replaced by Dave Kleiler, who had appeared on "Farced" and had been Hahn's bandmate in Sorry (3). The new line-up recorded 1989's double LP "Thing of Beauty", their second, and last, release on SST. The group moved to Quarterstick Records for 1991's "Career in Rock", which proved to be their final release. In 2005, Prescott, Weston, and Kleiler reunited for some live shows. , Wikipedia , Bandcamp
Members:Chuck Hahn, David Kleiler, Gary Waleik, Jeff Weigand, Jon Williams (5), Peter Prescott, Robert Weston, Steve Michener
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