GG Allin & The Jabbers


In 1977, GG Allin began playing with a band which would later become The Jabbers. The first Jabbers single "Bored to Death" was recorded with GG’s brother Merle on bass and a local guitarist. In 1979, GG put together a band to play live. GG's childhood friend Alan Chapple was recruited to play bass, and Rob Basso joined as lead guitarist. Chris Lamy joined the band 6 months later (in 1980), as rhythm guitarist, and in 1983 Mike O’Donnell became The Jabbers' final drummer and recorded with the ScumFucs.

The Jabbers played or recorded with Wayne Kramer (MC5), David Peel, and Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys). GG's releases that featured the band were 1980's LP "Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be", 1981's singles "Gimme Some Head" & "You Hate Me and I Hate You", 1982's EP "No Rules" and live cassette "Tasteless Animal Noise", and finally 1984 EP "Live Fast Die Fast".

Live shows of the band typically consisted of broken glass, blood, and topless female fans. The band played loud and fast and were banned from every punk club in the northeast. The Jabbers played their last show together in April of 1984. 20 years later, Alan Chapple, Chris Lamy, and Mike O’Donnell reunited as The Jabbers, joined by two members of The Queers: vocalist Wimpy and lead guitarist Harlan Miller.
Aliases:The Jabbers
Members:Alan Chapple, Bob MacKenzie, Chris (Chaos) Lamy, Johnny (Riot) Fortin, Kevin Allin, Rob Basso, Stephen Spenard




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