Cari Lekebusch

Cari Lekebusch

Real Name:
Kari Pekka Lekebusch
Capricorn born 1972, homebase Stockholm, Sweden. Performing Vinyl DJ sets, creating Audio / Music productions, and graphic works. Collected music from the late 70´s, thru Hip Hop, Electro, House, Techno and other similar styles. The early 80´s where filled with breakdancing and spraypainting everything that was possible around the Stockholm areas. Early musical influences are coming from USA & Germany. "Remember GrandMaster Flash, DJ Red Alert, African Bambaata and the Soul Sonic Force, BDP, Busy B, Soundmasters, Egyptian Lover, and how about Ice-T in "Reckless" by Chris The Glove Taylor (including one of the first great TR-808 and TB-303 programmings ever). That was some amazing stuff back then, and i will never forget when Kraftwerk released Man Machine and Computer world. Then we have Mantronix, Ultramagnetic MC´s, Whoodini, them where great times!". All this got Cari to start collecting equipment for his own recording studio. International and national releases have been made on; Drumcode and Truesoul records, Code Red, Corb, Proper NYC, Harthouse, FFRR, JakPot, LoopP and Plumphouse Records, Missile, Jericho, Influence, Tortured, and Electrix Records UK, Primevil, Svek, Planet Rhythm, Tronic music, Experimental NYC, Ohm Records / Telegram, Analog USA. Own label projects include; Djupt, Grundtakt, Trainspotters Nightmare, AudioMekanixc, Audio Pollution, KGB, Direkt, Kaun trax, SpiritFuel, toghether with Hybrid Productions as the main platform. In 1998 a legal twist started between Hybrid Productions and Awex INC owned POP group called "Hybrid", which resulted into a name change - thus the dot after the H in H. Productions. (From )
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Cari Lekebusch Discography


HYBLP 003 Cari Lekebusch For Those Who Know (Album) Hybrid HYBLP 003 Sweden 1996 Sell This Version
HPCD10 Cari Lekebusch Det Jag Vet(CD, Album) Hybrid Prod. HPCD10 Sweden 1999 Sell This Version
HPLP20 Cari Lekebusch Chaos & Order (Album) H. Productions HPLP20 Sweden 2000 Sell This Version
TRUECD03, ELP33041CD Cari Lekebusch The Architect (Album) Truesoul, ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH TRUECD03, ELP33041CD Sweden 2004 Sell This Version
LEMU-NFL-3 Cari Lekebusch Presents NFL Kru Cari Lekebusch Presents NFL Kru - Nuf' Flava Kru Volume 1 - Urban Gigamix(CD, Album, Sli) Lekebuschmusik LEMU-NFL-3 Sweden 2006 Sell This Version
LEMU-MANTIS-1 Cari Lekebusch Bönsyrsan's Rykande Mixtejp(CD, Mixed, Album, Sli) Lekebuschmusik LEMU-MANTIS-1 Sweden 2006 Sell This Version
HPX44CD Cari Lekebusch State Of The Art (Album) H. Productions HPX44CD Sweden 2010 Sell This Version
HPX63 Cari Lekebusch You Are A Hybrid Too(12xFile, MP3, Album, 320) H. Productions HPX63 Sweden 2012

Singles & EPs

HYB 002 Cari Lekebusch Output 2 Hybrid HYB 002 Sweden 1994 Sell This Version
HYB 001 Cari Lekebusch Output 1 Hybrid HYB 001 Sweden 1994 Sell This Version
HYB 005 Cari Lekebusch Drum And Noise Style Hybrid HYB 005 Sweden 1995 Sell This Version
HYB 008 Cari Lekebusch Live And Direct(2x12") Hybrid HYB 008 Sweden 1995 Sell This Version
HYB 013 Cari Lekebusch Low Profiles Hybrid HYB 013 Sweden 1996 Sell This Version
HYB 020 Cari Lekebusch In Stockholm We Dwell Hybrid HYB 020 Sweden 1996 Sell This Version
HYB 016 Ron Maney & Cari Lekebusch Ron Maney & Cari Lekebusch - Intensity Hybrid HYB 016 Sweden 1996 Sell This Version
PROPS 019 Cari Lekebusch Nar Dimman Sanker Sig(12") Proper N.Y.C. PROPS 019 US 1996 Sell This Version
458 0006 30 ODC vs. Cari Lekebusch ODC vs. Cari Lekebusch - "And From The Groove Came A Groove Of All Grooves..."(12") POF Music 458 0006 30 France 1996 Sell This Version
LOOP 022 Cari Lekebusch Tracks & Fragments(12") Loop Records (4) LOOP 022 Sweden 1996 Sell This Version
DRUMCODE 04 Cari Lekebusch Råhångel Me´ Drumcode DRUMCODE 04 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
CODE RED 04 Cari Lekebusch C-Theories Code Red CODE RED 04 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
DRUMCODE 10 Cari Lekebusch Vänsterprassel Me´ Drumcode DRUMCODE 10 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
HP1203 Cari Lekebusch Vet Dom Som För Att (Know They For Because) H. Productions HP1203 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
HP1202 Cari Lekebusch Ej Till Försäljning H. Productions HP1202 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
HP1204 Cari Lekebusch Reverted / Återkommen H. Productions HP1204 Sweden 1997 Sell This Version
PSI 027 Cari Lekebusch & Fred Giannelli Cari Lekebusch & Fred Giannelli - Fred vs. Fred(12") Telepathic Recordings PSI 027 US 1997 Sell This Version

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February 19, 2016
The most amazing thing is that despite the vast vast quantity of trax he's done, they all have unique ideas and sounds in them, and every ep and lp is a slight change in style or sound. He never seems to run out of ideas.


September 26, 2005
edited over 10 years ago
This guy delivers the goods 9 times out of 10 i would say. His earlier work for me was his best (whos isnt?) but the standard of his work continues at the highest level. A great producer and an awesome DJ as well.


October 25, 2003
This man is pure genius! The innovator of the swedish sound no doubt he's been doing this for years. By far one of the most versatile producers in the world with his productions ranging from the more recent banging techno to dubby techno to housier stuff and even sick electro as well. What impresses me the most is how well thought out his productions are. You can tell he's a studio genius by hearing all the subtleties in his tunes. This man deserves mad respect!


August 26, 2003
Cari's unique style is an inspiration to many other producers out there, he seems to be years ahead of the game. He continues to release quality records at an amazing rate. "For Those Who Know" on Hybrid and "For They Know Because" on H. Productions are highlights of his collection. His releases as Mr. James Barth are also top quality, check out "Stealin' Music" on Svek.


February 11, 2003
Cari has produced some dark but intelligence techno. If you buy any of his work you will be surprised at his range of sound and styles. Highly Recommended.

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