Cari Lekebusch

Real Name:Kari Pekka Lekebusch

Swedish electronic producer.

Born: 1972.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Performing vinyl DJ sets, creating audio/music productions, and graphic works. Collected music from the late 1970s, thru Hip Hop, Electro, House, Techno, and other similar styles.

The early 1980s where filled with breakdancing and spray-painting everything that was possible around the Stockholm areas.

Early musical influences came from USA & Germany. "Remember GrandMaster Flash, DJ Red Alert, African Bambaata and the Soul Sonic Force, BDP, Busy B, Soundmasters, Egyptian Lover, and how about Ice-T in "Reckless" by Chris The Glove Taylor (including one of the first great TR-808 and TB-303 programmings ever). That was some amazing stuff back then, and I will never forget when Kraftwerk released Man Machine and Computer world. Then we have Mantronix, Ultramagnetic MC's, Whoodini, them where great times!".

All this got Cari to start collecting equipment for his own recording studio. International and national releases have been made on: Drumcode and Truesoul Records, Code Red, Corb, Proper NYC, Harthouse, FFrr, JakPot, Loop and Plumphouse Records, Missile, Jericho, Influence, Tortured, and Electrix Records UK, Primevil, Svek, Planet Rhythm, Tronic Music, Experimental NYC, Ohm Records / Telegram, Analog USA. Own label projects include: Djupt, Grundtakt, Trainspotters Nightmare, AudioMekanixc, Audio Pollution, KGB, Direkt, Kaun Trax, Spirit Fuel, together with Hybrid Productions as the main platform.

In 1998 a legal twist started between Hybrid Productions and Awex INC owned pop group called "Hybrid", which resulted into a name change – thus the dot after the H in H. Productions.

Sites:Bandcamp , , , , , , Facebook , Flickr , Instagram , MySpace , Songkick , Soundcloud , X , Wikipedia , YouTube
Aliases:Agent C From KGB, Agent Orange, Braincell, C-Blast, Cerebus, Crushed Insect, Dave Bennett (2), DJ Mystiska K, Fred, Kari Pekka, Magenta, Mr. James Barth, Mystic Letter K, Phunkey Rhythm Doctor, Rotortype, Rubberneck, Shape Changer, Sir Jeremy Augustus Hutley Of Granith Hall, Swedish Peace, Szerementa Programs
In Groups:ADCL, Alexi Delano & Cari Lekebusch, Audio Mekcanicks, Cre8ors, Crushed Insect & The Sick Puppy, Deform Anti, Duplex (4), Kozmic Gurt Brodhas, Lotus Eye, Mr. James Barth & A.D., NFL Kru, Parallax (3), Puente Latino, Steady Motion, Strong Accents, The Pump Panel, Two Basement Boys, Twobytes, Yakari & Delano
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