Real Name:Francisco Meirino

Francisco Meirino first began recording in 1994, occasionally donning the moniker Phroq.
Since 2010, the moniker Phroq is over.
His music is a complex and constantly changing electronic soundscape, ranging from ultra dynamic electro-acoustics to sheer noise passages.
Through these sounds, he explores the tension between programmed and accidental results.

Meirino / Phroq is widely published with work released through Groundfault, Banned Productions, Even Stilte, Entr'e acte, Solpisism, Gameboy, etc ...
and his own imprint, Shiver Sounds.

Francisco Meirino has exhibited works at :
the Mostra d’Art Sonor I Visual (Barcelona), The Scenario Pubblico (Catania), and the Standard-Deluxe art gallery (Lausanne), The For Noise Festival (Lausanne)

He has peformed at internationally including :
the Observatori festival (Spain), Activating The Medium (Usa), Norberg (Sweden), LUFF (Switzerland), as well as in Japan, Usa, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, etc..

He has also collaborated with the likes of :
Scott Arford, Dave Phillips, Michael Gendreau, Randy H.Y. Yau, Lasse Marhaug, Tim Olive, Zbigniew Karkowski, Cindy Van Acker... , , MySpace
Aliases:Francis De Omeirin, Francisco Meirino


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