Real Name:José Plácido Domingo Embil

Spanish tenor opera singer, moving into Baritone when he was older; popularly known as one of The Three Tenors. Also a very accomplished pianist, and more recently as a conductor.

Born 21 January 1941 in Madrid, Spain, he moved to Mexico early in his life. Both his mother Pepita Embil and father Plácido Domingo Ferrer were well-known performers in the Zarzuela operatic theatre movement, which was where he gained his musical inspiration and passion from.

As well as his continued performance commitments, he served as the General Director of the Washington National Opera in Washington DC, and the Los Angeles Opera in California. He also found time for many humanitarian works for charity and musical initiatives, including "Operalia: The World Opera Competition" which he founded in 1993 for upcoming young opera singers.

While neither of his children have followed in opera, his name will be carried on, as he is Plácido Domingo II, one of his sons is Plácido Domingo III, and a grandson Plácido Domingo IV. , Wikipedia
In Groups:Hermanos, The Three Tenors



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