Vital RemainsCompositions & Recordings

Vital Remains was formed in 1989, in Providence, Rhode Island by Paul Flynn (Guitar), Tony Lazaro (Guitar), Jeff Gruslin (Vocals) and Tom Supkow (Bass). Same year the recorded their first demo "Reduced to Ashes" and it sold 500 copies in two weeks, which was pretty impressive. In 1990, after six months of live shows and rehearsing, the band recorded their second demo entitled "Excruciating Pain". The album got them a deal with the French label, Thrash Records. And so same year in November they recorded the 7" "The Black Mass". The album sold 1500 copies in two weeks and was the most profitable band on the label. Peaceville Records offered them a deal and they accepted.

In the summer of 1991 they were signed to Peaceville's sub label Deaf Records. They began writing new material for the first full-length "Let Us Pray" which was released in 1992. The album gained them alot of attention in the underground and tours were established. In May 1993 the band embarked on a major US tour with the Death Metal band Autopsy. The tour lasted from May to June and was a huge succes.

In 1995 the band released their second full-length, "Into Cold Darkness". But because of poor promotion and distrobution the band left the label. But in 1996 they were signed to French label, Osmose for two albums. The same year they recorded the masterpiece "Forever Underground" which gained them a European tour which was another succes. Once they returned to the US they were put on two tours, both with Incantation.

In 1999 they recorded the album "Dawn of the Apocalypse" which was the bands most extreme album to date.

After many line-up changes and such, they returned to the studio to record the album "Dechristianize" which was released in 2003.