The Gun Club


Rock band from Los Angeles (CA, USA) formed in 1980-1981 by Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Brian Tristan (better known as Kid Congo Powers), Don Snowden and Brad Dunning. The band was initially called The Creeping Ritual.
During their debut album "Fire Of Love" in 1981, the band was comprised of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Rob Ritter, Terry Graham and Ward Dotson. Rob Ritter left the band in 1982 just before their second album, "Miami". Patricia Morrison joined and stayed until 1984. For their next album, "Las Vegas Story" in 1984, the band consisted of Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Patricia Morrison, Kid Congo Powers and Terry Graham. After some successful tours, Jeffrey started to travel around the world and the band came to a halt for a period as he started to work on a solo album. In 1987 The Gun Club staged a comeback with Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Romi Mori, Nick Sanderson and Kid Congo Powers. Several releases followed, and in 1995 a new line-up was formed including Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Wayne Kramer, Mike Martt, Kid Congo Powers and Romi Mori. On the 31st of March 1996 the band sadly came to an end due the death of Jeffrey Lee Pierce.

They were notable as one of the first bands in the punk rock subculture to incorporate influences from blues, rockabilly, and country music. The Gun Club has been called a "tribal psychobilly blues" band, as well as initiators of the cowpunk and punk blues sound.

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Members:Anny Unger, Brian Tristan, Brock Avery, Dee Pop, Desi (5), Elizabeth Montague, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Jim Duckworth, Jimmy Joe Uliana, Mike Martt, Nick Sanderson, Patricia Rainone, Rainer Lingk, Randy Bradbury, Rob Ritter, Romi Mori, Simon Fish, Terry Graham, Ward Dotson
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