Bob Ludwig

Real Name:Robert C. Ludwig

Bob Ludwig (born circa 1945 in Savannah, Georgia, USA) is an American Grammy and Latin Grammy winning mastering engineer who, as a rule of thumb, is normally credited as 'Bob Ludwig' on pop/rock/mainstream releases and as 'Robert C. Ludwig' or 'Robert Ludwig' on classical recordings. Pre 1972, when mastering generally went uncredited, his initials 'RL' were usually cut into the run-outs in his Sterling Sound (whose wax imprint was 'SS'), and Masterdisk, NY days. Another early mark is a block-lettered rL or "ΓL". He is the president of the company Gateway Mastering & DVD, located in Portland, Maine, USA. In July 2023, he announced his retirement and the closure of Gateway Mastering. , Wikipedia , Imdb
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