Eldee Young

Real Name:
Eldee Devon Young.
American jazz bassist.

Born : January 07, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois.
Died : February 12, 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Eldee worked with : "The Ramsey Lewis Trio", Joe Turner, Joe Williams and others.
He was a founding member of "TheYoung-Holt Trio".
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March 11, 2018
edited 11 months ago
Clint Houston in down beat magazine January 25th 1979 issue credits this man with bringing him back in to bass after almost quitting. He states " I got to see Eldee young for the 1st time and that inspired me. I don't know what it was about the way he played just his personality whatever it was he made that bass speak in such a way that it made me go back to the instrument" Houston sighted young is "the classic example of a bassist with no left hand technique who plays the shit out of his instrument"

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