Microdisney's Cork, Ireland roots lie in a band called Constant Reminders, formed in the first weeks of 1980. The band included future Stump front-man Mick Lynch in its ranks, along with Cathal Coughlan and Sean O'Hagan. This band lasted as a gigging band in their locality for a season or so, from Spring to Summer of that year. Mick had left along with bass player Jack Walsh by June of 1980. Guitarist Giordaí Ua Laoghaire and Bassist Chris McCarthy joined the band in July. Constant Reminders drummer Dave Galvin stayed on for this new five piece aggregation. The band was rebadged to Micro Disney, or Micro-Disney, and of course latterly 'Microdisney'.

This five piece band made its gigging and recording debut the following month in August, immortalised on one of the early Irish post-punk documents, the live 'Kaught At The Kampus' twelve inch. In the most of two years of this first Micro Disney's life span, they also recorded a couple of demo's, a radio session, and a pair of songs that were intended as a seven inch record for the same label that made the 'Kampus' record, Reekus records. Reekus finally issued these songs on a 30th anniversary retrospective called 'It's Too Late Too Stop Now' in 2011. One of the radio session tracks was issued on 'Quare Groove Vol 1' by Allchival records in 2018. This early Micro Disney was Ireland's most virulent 'Punk-Funk' band.

This five piece Micro Disney gigged regularly in Cork and Dublin, along with appearances in other Irish cities and towns - Limerick, Galway and Tralee. The band played just one show off the sod. This was in July of 1981 in Southampton on the English south coast. The band started shedding members in the first months of 1982, and was down to the duo of Cathal and Sean before the summer. This duo is how many outside Ireland first heard Microdisney, as John Peel aired their first duo 'Kabuki' records on his show. The rest is history - that you're already knowing! , , Facebook , , Wikipedia , Imdb
Members:Cathal Coughlan, Jon Fell, Nick Montgomery, Sean O'Hagan, Tom Fenner
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