Real Name:Ralph Barendse

Ralph Barendse also known as Ralphie B, is a successful producer in the electronic dance music scene. Ralph is no newcomer, he is responsible for some of the biggest trance classics of all time. Who doesn't know "Ralphie B - Massive" or "Midway - Monkey Forest", two of Ralph's early productions, which goosebumped trancelovers throughout the world. But also the later hits like "Sierra Nevada", "Evergreen" and "Falling" under the First State guise shook the dance scene. His sound is described as strong and catchy melodies combined with addictive sounds and driving beats. It's no surprise his tracks are signed to the most important dance labels of all time: Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, Vandit and Ministry of Sound. Ralphie's distinct sound made him a favorite to do remixes for significant artists in the scene, among them Armin van Buuren (Unforgivable, These Silent Hearts), Tiesto (Ten Seconds Before Sunrise), Solar Stone (Solarcoaster), Dario G (Feels Like Heaven) and 4-Strings (Catch a Fall). On the other side his tracks were remixed by big shots in the EDM scene like Paul van Dyk, Ronski Speed, Filterheadz, and D. Ramirez. As a DJ, Ralph played all over the world and joined no one less then Tiesto on one of his summertours. Since 2011 Ralphie has released several singles at Armada Music. Ralphie B - "Icarus" being the most successful (featured on A State of Trance 2012 CD). Stay tuned for Ralphie B continuously bringing you new trance productions to enjoy!

Sites:X , Facebook , YouTube
Aliases:Alpha Breed, Ralph Barendse, Ralphie B, Suncrusaders
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