Laserdance was started in 1981 by Erik van Vliet, the owner and founder of the Hotsound Records label, who also owned one of the most respected recordstores, located at the Pleinweg in Rotterdam.
The first release, also the first and biggest release of the Hotsound Records label, was "Laserdance", which Erik produced with the help of Fonny De Wulf. Inspired by a promo record in the UK, this release opened the door for many other Laserdance productions. To help him with this, Erik hired Michiel van der Kuy. Together they became a solid production team, where Michiel played the synths and Erik told how it should sound. But eventually they went their own ways, as many other musicians do in the industry.

Laserdance Discography


ZYX 20.082, 20.082 Laser Dance* Future Generation (Album) Hotsound Records ZYX 20.082, 20.082 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
GLX 9078, CD 9078 Laserdance Around The Planet (Album) Hotsound Records GLX 9078, CD 9078 Europe 1988 Sell This Version
HS 8922 LP Laserdance Discovery Trip (Album) Hotsound Records HS 8922 LP Netherlands 1989 Sell This Version
HS 9014 Laserdance Changing Times (Album) Hotsound Records HS 9014 Netherlands 1990 Sell This Version
HS 9104 CD Laserdance Ambiente (Album) Hotsound Records HS 9104 CD Netherlands 1991 Sell This Version
HS 9202 CD Laser Dance* Technological Mind (Album) Hotsound Records HS 9202 CD Netherlands 1992 Sell This Version
SM 0045 CD Laserdance Hypermagic (Album) Hotsound Records SM 0045 CD Poland 1993 Sell This Version
SM 0067 CD Laserdance Fire On Earth (Album) Hotsound Records SM 0067 CD Poland 1994 Sell This Version
ZYX 20381-2 Laserdance The Guardian Of Forever (Album) Hotsound Records ZYX 20381-2 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
ZYX 20545-2 Laserdance Strikes Back(CD, Album) ZYX Music ZYX 20545-2 Germany 2000 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

84215 Laser Dance* Laser Dance Break Records 84215 Netherlands 1984 Sell This Version
HS 84618 Laserdance Goody's Return(12") Hotsound Records HS 84618 Netherlands 1984 Sell This Version
8608 Laserdance Humanoid Invasion (Maxi, Single) Hotsound Records 8608 Netherlands 1986 Sell This Version
ZYX 5590, 5590 Laser Dance* Power Run (Maxi) Hotsound Records ZYX 5590, 5590 Germany 1987 Sell This Version
HS 8724 Laserdance Fear (Remix) / Battle Cry (Remix) Hotsound Records HS 8724 Netherlands 1987 Sell This Version
ECD 88030 Laserdance Megamix Vol. 1 (Maxi) Hotsound Records ECD 88030 Netherlands 1988 Sell This Version
ZYX 5911, 5911 Laser Dance* Shotgun (Into The Night) Hotsound Records ZYX 5911, 5911 Germany 1988 Sell This Version
STH 12316 Laserdance Laserdance ('88 Remix) (Maxi) ZYX Records STH 12316 Benelux 1988 Sell This Version
HS 8918 Laserdance Cosmo Tron (Maxi) Hotsound Records HS 8918 Netherlands 1989 Sell This Version
ZYX 6078-8, 6078-8 Laserdance Megamix Vol. 2 (Maxi, Single) Hotsound Records ZYX 6078-8, 6078-8 Germany 1989 Sell This Version
HS 9012 Laserdance The Challenge (Maxi) Hotsound Records HS 9012 Netherlands 1990 Sell This Version
ZYX 6286-8 Laserdance Megamix Vol. 3 (Maxi) Hotsound Records ZYX 6286-8 Germany 1990 Sell This Version
HS 9102 Laserdance Megamix Vol. 4 (Maxi) Hotsound Records HS 9102 Netherlands 1991 Sell This Version
HS 9202 Laserdance Technoid (Maxi) ZYX Records, Hotsound Records HS 9202 Netherlands 1992 Sell This Version
ZYX 0011-12 Laserdance / Koto Laserdance / Koto - Humanoid Invasion / Visitors(12") ZYX Music ZYX 0011-12 Germany 1998 Sell This Version

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February 26, 2011
Laserdance defines spacesynth. They are everything you could want in a classic synth group. The quality of the music slowly decreased over time, their most recent CD not holding up to the old ones.


December 24, 2010
If you know space-disco or synth-dance you also know Laserdance. Laserdance is a real legend on this genre! Can you imagine 80's disco without Laserdance? No you can't. This is just perfect synthesizer sound. However, the return on 2000 did not work, but who cares? We care the earlier albums from the past and they still sound like a diamond. I have all albums on CD, but still I like to listen to "Discovery Trip" on LP! It is space disco's at its best!

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