Real Name:Michiel van der Kuy & Erik van Vliet

Laserdance was started in 1981 by Erik van Vliet, the owner and founder of the Hotsound Records label, who also owned one of the most respected recordstores, located at the Pleinweg in Rotterdam.
The first release, also the first and biggest release of the Hotsound Records label, was "Laserdance", which Erik produced with the help of Fonny De Wulf. Inspired by a promo record in the UK, this release opened the door for many other Laserdance productions. To help him with this, Erik hired Michiel van der Kuy. Together they became a solid production team, where Michiel played the synths and Erik told how it should sound. But eventually they went their own ways, as many other musicians do in the industry. Now after 21 years Michiel van der Kuy and Erik van Vliet are together and back with brandnew Laserdance Hotsound Recordings Productions Force of Order is first album and hopefully many more to come

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Members:Erik van Vliet, Julius Wijnmalen, Michiel Van Der Kuy, Rob van Eijk, Ruud van Es
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