Irene Greenus

Real Name:
Irene Lilliam Greenus
Vocalist and Instrumentalist, Ukelele, Banjo
Sister of Helen Louise and Sisten-In-Law of Frank Ferera. Brought into the group of Louise And Ferera in 1917.

In 1917 Helen Louise and Ferera added her singing sister, Irene Greenus, and began recordings as a trio, Louise, Ferera And Greenus for Imperial, Pathe, Empire, and Columbia Records. The Columbia label issued several by Louise And Ferera including: "Hawaiian Echoes" (as written by Seattle songster, James W. Casey), "My Hawaii," and "In the Heart of Hawaii." Interestingly, that latter disc featured a new duo on the flipside: Ferera and Anthony Franchini with their tune "My Hawaiian Melody."
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