Pearl Aday

Real Name:Pearl Maria Edmonds

Daughter of Meat Loaf and wife of Scott Ian. Pearl Aday was born on April 15, 1975 in Woodstock, New York, USA as Pearl Maria Edmonds. Pearl Aday is an American female singer and adopted daughter of Meat Loaf and his wife Leslie G. Edmonds Aday. Pearl, whose biological father was the drummer for Janis Joplin’s band, Full Tilt Boogie, was adopted by Meat Loaf after he married her mother. She toured as a backing singer in Meat Loaf's touring band for nine years, Neverland Express. She has appeared on numerous albums and in various tours and television performances with her father, both as backing singer and in a duet. She has also been a backing singer for Motley Crue.

Members:Eric Bradley (2)
In Groups:Motor Sister
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