Psychic Mirrors


Psychic Mirrors is a six-piece band from Miami, FL, whose music is an amalgam of yacht rock/AOR, boogie-funk and wavy synth jazz. The group began cutting records in 2011, ultimately gaining the attention of Peoples Potential Unlimited and Red Bull Music Academy (where bandleader Mickey de Grand IV spent October 2014 participating in RBMA Tokyo). Their releases include cult favorite twelve inches I Come For Your Love (2011) and Charlene (2013), and LP Nature of Evil (2016). They have toured in the U.S., Canada and Europe, growing a loyal following with their modern Caribbean sound.

​​Following the release of their debut LP, Mickey de Grand IV began producing tracks for artists such as SZA, ABRA, and Denzel Curry, serving as Executive Producer on Curry's critically acclaimed TA13OO (2018).

Psychic Mirrors released their second LP OPHILIA on July 2nd, 2021--a collage work of rock & roll, synth and television theme genres.

Mickey de Grand IV: Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Composition
Myra Stone: Vocals, Synthesizers
Al Batlle: Vocals
Antoine Rocky-Horror: Electric Bass
Alex "The Overtown Kid" Nunez: Electric Guitar
Oscar Guardado: Drums , Instagram , ,
Members:Adrian Molina, Alex Batlle, Alex Nuñez, Cecilia De Cárdenas, Colin Smith (28), Eric Hernandez, Gyr Bartlett, Ileana De Cárdenas, Kiernan Smith, Oscar Guardado, Ryan DeGrandy, Ryan Haft




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