Greater Than One


Greater Than One is an English electronic music band, founded by husband and wife Michael Wells and Lee Newman in 1985. They released many albums under this name, and also under the names Tricky Disco, GTO, John + Julie, Church of Extacy, Signs of Chaos, T.D.5, Salami Brothers, Killout Squad, Technohead and L.E.D.. Only a few of their singles were commercially successful. Since Newman’s death on 4 August 1995 from cancer, Wells continues to release music under some of these names, and also as The Man and S.O.L.O.

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Aliases:1000 Blinky Lights, Alien Radio, Church Of Extacy, Elvis Jackson, GTO, Jackie Motion Experience, John + Julie, Michael Wells, Radical Rockers, S.O.L.O., Signs Of Chaos, Stoned Heads, TD5 (2), Technohead, The Invisible People, The Killout Squad, The Man (2), The Salami Brothers, Tommy Yamaha (2), Tricky Disco
Members:Lee Newman, Michael Wells




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