One of the most determinative rock/pop groups of Hungary. Due to their local impact, they were sometimes dubbed 'The Hungarian Beatles'... The band started in 1957 as a family music band. After many member changes (and also musical changes), the final line up was formed in 1965 and they started to write their own songs, many of them appeared in films. After many 7" singles and co-productions, their first own LP was released in 1968. They combined folk music elements with the (then) latest pop/rock trends and succeeded to be unique with their sound. They maintained their success through 4 LPs until their disbanding in 1973.

They have also recorded songs in English and German language and also toured Western Europe and UK when they were active - rare privilege for bands from behind the iron curtain.

Bródy János (vocals, guitar, flute)
Illés Lajos (d. 2007) (keyboards, vocals)
Szörényi Levente (vocals, guitar)
Szörényi Szabolcs (bass, vocals)
Pásztory Zoltán (d. 2005) (drums, vocals)

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