Waalt Diisneey Production

Waalt Diisneey Production

Snotty punk band from Pordenone, Italy, born in March 1979 (originally as Gestapo Violence) when Plastic Girl (former Hitler SS) joined The Nazi Razers: Kevin Swinging, Ernest Wrong and Steve Vinavil.
In 1980 they participated to the LP manifesto of The Great Complotto with the anthems "Chips Dorè" and "I Need Action".

In 1982 expanded the line-up with Hulk, Sid Vogue, Nick, Robert, Albert and Magique, changed name (New Waalt Diisneey) and style to new wave oriented.

In 1997 Reverendo Moon Records released an LP with a live gig dated back to 1979 recorded at Pordenone Verdi Theatre entitled "Live in Diisneeyland '79".

Thee Waalt Diisney Prooduuction line up and age in 1979:
Plastic Girl / Richy Sea (Roberto De Filippo) voice / drums, age 16
Kevin Swinging a.k.a. King S.W. (Pietro Pagnes) guitar, age 13
Ernest Wrong (Pierpaolo Pillot) bass, age 13
Steve Vinavil / Paris jr (Paolo Parigi) drums / bass, age 13


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Thee Waalt Diisneey Prooduuctiion* Live In Diisneeyland '79 Reverendo Moon Records Italy 1996 Sell This Version

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