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Best Record

Real Name:
Claudio Casalini
Italian disc-jockey, author, furthermore record collector, with a long important past as record producer (owner of Best Record, S.P.Q.R., Jumbo Records, Tendance), wholesaler, publisher, music journalist. Pioneer club-dj, he was among the first in Italy who has tried to give an professional and qualified image to his category, often involved in trade unions. Considered by manyThe Father of the Djs for his over 45 years career in the clubs and for the many roles in the music industry. Co-founder in 1974 (with Renzo Arbore, Raffaele Cascone, Paolo De Bernardin, Carlo Massarini, Paolo Giaccio, Kruger Agostinelli, all already famous thanks to the radio) of GDP, Group Disc-Jockey Professionals, an organization set up by Gianni Naso (nickname of dj-comedian Giancarlo D'Ovidio), whom also cooperate actively with the creation of AID, Italian Association DeeJays, where converge the leading exponents of a category that starts playing a big role in the context of modern music.
He contributes significantly to the popularization of the Disco Spaghetti ([term freely taken and inspired by “Spaghetti-Western”), the musical phenomenon born in the 2nd half of the 70s with La Bionda (aka D.D. Sound), La Belle Epoque, Weyman Corporation (Weyman Av.), Marzio Vincenzi (Marsius), Billy Moore, Amanda Lear, Rainbow Team, Ago (2), etc., which - with the several record productions signed by Mauro Malavasi, Celso Valli and Claudio Simonetti (Easy Going, Vivien Vee, etc..) - leading with great merit the "Made in Italy" to the international limelight.
A few years later he is one of the "main architects" of the explosion of a new line of disco music, more electronic and repetitive than the previous, with new sonorities more powerful and aggressive thanks to the use of synthesizers of new conception, in following best identified worldwide as "Italo-Disco".
Generous and creative worker, carries for 25 years a commercial activity based on the import-export of phonograph records, with which he supplies capillary disc-jockeys, clubs and radio stations, promoting the circulation of vinyls at that time hardly to find in the country. Creator of Best Record and many other labels - with the help of other "indie" created by young music lovers along with young musicians, arrangers and dee-jays - constitutes the significant cartel of an extraordinary musical movement born in the recording studios (and sometimes even in the basements), spread throughout the Italian peninsula, until then snobbed by the "majors".

At the same time writes for the most important music magazines (Stereoplay, Stereo Shopping, Popster, Rockstar, Tuttifrutti), where, in addition to review the new releases, prepare charts and process lists of musical genres emerging, establish professional profiles and fill-sheets of his colleagues, increasingly aimed at enhancing the professional figure of the disc-jockey.

Very sensitive to the social issues, passionate vinyls collector (especially 7inch), cultivates other hobbies - without neglecting the strong link with the world of the night, where continues to perform the prevalent work of his existence, where for more than four decades he manifests his best peculiar qualities.


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BEST 12040 Pat Harryson Happy Birthday Mix Pat Harryson - We Are D.J. Stars(12") Best Record BEST 12040 Italy 1987 Sell This Version

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