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Het Goede Doel (English: The Good Cause) is a Dutch pop-group fronted by Henk Westbroek and Henk Temming as founding members.

The original line-up, formed in 1979:
Henk Westbroek (vocals)
Henk Temming (vocals, keyboards)
Sander van Herk (guitar)
Dennis Ringeling (bass), replaced by Stephan Wienjus in 1982
Ron Visser (drums), replaced by Hans Boosman in 1981 and by Ab Tamboer in 1983
Piet Leenders (keyboards), replaced by Ronald Jongeneel in 1981

In 1982 they had their breakthrough hit with "België (Is er leven op Pluto?)"; they released an English version (Luxemburg) in 1985, naming themselves The Good Cause.

In 1986 the group was reduced to Henk Westbroek, Henk Temming and Sander van Herk.
Live they were joined by session musicians, among them Stephan Wienjus (bass), Toni Peroni (drums) and René Meister (keyboards).
They broke up in 1991 and focused on solo-projects. In 2001 the band played a reunion-show in the classic line-up to celebrate their 10th break-up anniversary.
In 2008 Westbroek and Temming reunited again and released three more albums.

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Members:Ab Tamboer, Dennis Ringeling, Hans Boosman, Henk Temming, Henk Westbroek, Piet Leenders, Ron Visser, Ronald Jongeneel, Sander van Herk, Stephan Wienjus
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