Real Name:樓南立 (Lou Nanli)

B6 is China's most prolific and respected Electronic musician.

Lou Nanli (Born 1981 in Shanghai), best known by his stage name B6, is a multi-talented Electronic music pioneer, DJ, renowned designer, video and multi-media artist.

As a teenager, B6 founded his own record label Isolation Music, composed and released critically-acclaimed Experimental, Sound Art, Ambient, and Industrial Noise albums while also producing sound and designing album cover arts for various alternative music acts in China. Also under his real name Lou Nanli, his video and installation art works have been exhibited in galleries and museums in the UK, Europe, US and Australia.

In the years since, B6's productions have explored a variety of genres, from IDM to Electro, and in 2006 released a 6CD box set “B6 Box” of his early works. That same year, B6 teamed up with singer J Jay to complete a radio friendly but cutting-edge Synth-Pop duo IGO, In 2007, IGO produced album "Synth Love" and released on Modern Sky Records Beijing and Universal Music HK.

In 2008, B6 released a solo album "Post Haze" on Modern Sky Records. "Post Haze" shows a new maturity in B6's music, with precision programming, dance-floor rocking rhythms and glitchy beats. Starting with smooth, atmospheric minimalism, moving into mind-bending Tech-house, then a bit of banging Techno, "Post Haze" promises to be a landmark release out of China's developing independent music scene. In 2009, "Post Haze" was reissued in Swedish record label Substream and followed with various of European producers’ remixes.

In 2010-2012, B6 had put out several singles and remixes in Europe and has received great reviews by the European Electronic community. He has since toured globally, performed DJ and live set at Berlin’s legendary Venue Tresor, Köln’s Kompakt Total Confusion, Denmark’s Distortion and Spot Festival, Sweden's Volt Festival, Belgium's Vooruit, Australia’s Queensland Art Gallery, Japan’s Asia Force, Singapore’s Esplanade, Shanghai Expo, and many others.

In China, as a famous music producer, B6 works closely with various mainstream stars and has won several Pop hits and awards. In 2012, B6‘s early well-known IDM hit “My Post-Rock Yard” was used by United Nations as the soundtrack of 2012‘s public-service short film of China. In 2013, B6 joined with famous Pop Singer Li Quan as a brand new duo project and has started producing and performing together.

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