Xentrix (2)

Formed in 1985, British thrashers Xentrix (pronounced Zen-tricks) began their careers by playing metal covers before focusing all of their efforts on coming up with original material. Initially known as Sweet Vengeance, guitarist/vocalist Chris Astley, guitarist Kristian Havard, drummer Dennis Gasser and bassist Paul Mackenzie created enough of a stir through their live performances that the English branch of Roadrunner Records took notice and signed the group in January 1989.

After releasing a string of well-received albums, Xentrix broke up in 1997. The band cited the fact that metal was declining in popularity as one of the reasons for the split. Xentrix reunited with the "Shattered Existence" lineup in 2005 and played some shows around the UK the following year before parting ways once again.

In February 2013, Xentrix announced their second reunion; since then, they have continued playing live shows and have new material in the works. Once again, this reunion featured the "Shattered Existence" lineup, although Paul MacKenzie left the band shortly and was replaced on bass by Chris Shires. Astley eventually left the band once again (having left for the first time in 1994) and was replaced by Jay Walsh in 2017.