Leading Dutch & dialect-language rockband from Hummelo, Gelderland (Netherlands).

Normaal is formed in 1975. The band members all have names that relate to the region they come from. Singer Bennie Jolink (Buiz'n Beernd) sings in the local dialect of the Achterhoek (in the east of The Netherlands). In 1976 Normaal records it's first single 'Hels As 'N Jagdhond'. Normaal have their first big Dutch Top 40 hit in 1977 with 'Oerend Hard'. The band have always a great sympathy for the situation of the farmers. After more than 40 years they played their farewell concert on December 19, 2015 at the GelreDome Stadium, Arnhem. Famous former bandmembers of Normaal are: Arend Bouwmeester (Clarinet, Percussion, Saxophone), Ferdy Jolij (Guitar), Jan Manschot (Drums), Paul Kemper (Guitar), Willem Van Dijk (Bass Guitar).

Willem Terhorst (Bass guitar, Vocals), Alan Gascoigne (Guitar), Bennie Jolink (Guitar, Vocals), Jan Kolkman (Guitar) , , , , Discogs
Aliases:De H.A.L.V.U. Hoeliguns
Members:Alan Gascoigne, Bennie Jolink, Ferdi Jolij, Fokke De Jong, Jan De Ligt, Jan Kolkman, Jan Manschot, Paul Kemper, Roel Spanjers, Willem Terhorst
In Groups:Countdown All Star Band, Willem Dût Normaal
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