Condemned 84


British Oi! band from Ipswich. Formed in the Autumn of 1980 as Criminal Tendencies, after three years the band changed their name to Condemned. The 84 moniker was added a year later, coinciding with the release of their first demo tape.
Condemned 84 have continued playing original Punk n Oi! for the last 40 years in many countries, amid bullshit, lies and untruths.
The band have never been involved in any politics or attached to any organisation and continue to stand up for free speech, do their own thing and stick the middle finger up to all the corporate Punk festival promoters that have courted the genre since the early eighties, even thou the band have continued to have successful live shows all over europe and around the world.
Current line up to date from the the latest album line up..The Crusade Continues is -
Kev - Vocals
Gunk - Bass
Charlie - Guitar
Mark Magee - Guitar
Mark - Drums , MySpace , Facebook
Members:AJ (56), Baysey, Charlie C. (2), Cliff (20), Dave (99), Floyd (15), Gunk (2), Kev (14), Lou (53), Mark Gregory (4), Mark Lownes, Mark MaGee, Mick (26), Niall (8), Wayne (32)
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