Ace Ventura

Real Name:
Yoni Oshrat
Yoni Oshrat is a near 30-year old Israeli with a rich musical background. His father is a famous Israeli composer and song writer, and previously working in the TV and movie-industry as a sound producer, before he discovered trance in the beginning of the nineties.

After after DJ'ing for years, things moved quick. He teamed up with his friend Dj Goblin to form the Children of the doc project, which later changed name to Psysex. Together they released 3 full length albums, and played a big part in establishing Israel as one of the most important trance-countries on the globe.

After several years of intense touring, playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals worldwide, Yoni's taste moved more and more towards the slower, groovier side of music, and from 2006 he is no longer a part of the "Psysex" project. Instead of that, he has started 2 new projects: "Schatsi", which is a electro-project, and of course "Ace Ventura".


IBOGACD50 Ace Ventura - Rebirth album art Ace Ventura Rebirth (Album) Iboga Records IBOGACD50 Denmark 2007 Sell This Version
IBOGACD60 Ace Ventura - Re:Boot album art Ace Ventura Re:Boot(2xCD, Album) Iboga Records IBOGACD60 Denmark 2008 Sell This Version
IBOGACD94 Ace Ventura - Paradise Engineering album art Ace Ventura Paradise Engineering (Album) Iboga Records IBOGACD94 Denmark 2015 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

IBOGADIGITAL41 Ace Ventura - Judo Chop album art Ace Ventura Judo Chop(2xFile, WAV, EP) Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL41 Denmark 2009
ECHOEP-IL007 Ace Ventura - Dr. Lupo album art Ace Ventura & Rocky (3) Ace Ventura & Rocky (3) - Dr. Lupo(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Echoes Records ECHOEP-IL007 Israel 2009
PQ214 Ace Ventura - Connected album art Ace Ventura Connected (Single) Plusquam Records PQ214 Germany 2010 Sell This Version
ECHOEP-IL020 Ace Ventura - Judo Chop (Rocky Remix) album art Ace Ventura Judo Chop (Rocky Remix)(File, MP3, EP, 320) Echoes Records ECHOEP-IL020 Israel 2010
ECHOEP-IL036 Ace Ventura - [Rebirth] - Loud Remixes album art Ace Ventura [Rebirth] - Loud Remixes(2xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Echoes Records ECHOEP-IL036 Israel 2010
PQ254 Ace Ventura - The Jolly Roger album art Ace Ventura & Captain Hook (6) Ace Ventura & Captain Hook (6) - The Jolly Roger (Maxi) Plusquam Records PQ254 Germany 2011 Sell This Version
IBOGATRANCE25 Ace Ventura - Mind=God album art Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics Ace Ventura & Zen Mechanics - Mind=God (Single) Iboga Trance IBOGATRANCE25 Denmark 2012
IBOGATRANCE19 Ace Ventura - Inside Us album art Ace Ventura & Timelock* Ace Ventura & Timelock* - Inside Us (Single) Iboga Trance IBOGATRANCE19 Denmark 2012
ECHOEP-IL066 Ace Ventura - Dr. Lupo - Remixed album art Ace Ventura & Rocky (3) Ace Ventura & Rocky (3) - Dr. Lupo - Remixed(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Echoes Records ECHOEP-IL066 Israel 2012
PQT312 Ace Ventura - Connected (Yotopia Remix) album art Ace Ventura Connected (Yotopia Remix)(File, MP3, EP, 320) Plusquam Trance PQT312 Germany 2013
IBOGATRANCE45 Ace Ventura - Presence - Remixes album art Ace Ventura Presence - Remixes(6xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Iboga Trance IBOGATRANCE45 Denmark 2013
IBOGADIGITAL143 Ace Ventura - Body & Soul album art Ace Ventura & Captain Hook (6) Ace Ventura & Captain Hook (6) - Body & Soul (Single) Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL143 Denmark 2014
IBOGADIGITAL176 Ace Ventura - Prime Time (Remixes) album art Ace Ventura & Symbolic (3) Ace Ventura & Symbolic (3) - Prime Time (Remixes)(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL176 Denmark 2014
IBOGATRANCE60 Ace Ventura - The Encounter album art Ace Ventura & Freedom Fighters Ace Ventura & Freedom Fighters - The Encounter(3xFile, MP3, Single, 320) Iboga Trance IBOGATRANCE60 Denmark 2014
IBOGADIGITAL234 Ace Ventura - The Calling album art Vini Vici vs. Ace Ventura Vini Vici vs. Ace Ventura - The Calling (Single) Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL234 Denmark 2015
IBOGADIGITAL3251 Ace Ventura - Say What album art Ace Ventura & Coming Soon!!!* Ace Ventura & Coming Soon!!!* - Say What(File, AAC, Single, 256) Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL3251 Denmark 2017
IBOGADIGITAL439 Ace Ventura - The Calling Remixes album art Vini Vici & Ace Ventura Vini Vici & Ace Ventura - The Calling Remixes (EP) Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL439 Denmark 2018


HMCD51, VP-062 Ace Ventura - New Order album art Ace Ventura New Order(CD, Comp) HOM-Mega Productions, Vision Quest HMCD51, VP-062 Israel 2006 Sell This Version
HMCD62 Ace Ventura - New Order 2 album art Ace Ventura New Order 2(CD, Comp) HOM-Mega Productions HMCD62 Israel 2009 Sell This Version
IBOGATRANCE09 Ace Ventura - Dance Computer album art Ace Ventura Dance Computer (Comp) Iboga Records, Iboga Trance IBOGATRANCE09 Denmark 2011 Sell This Version
MillYSE 351-CD, YSE 351-DCD Ace Ventura - Goa Session album art Ace Ventura Goa Session(2xCD, Comp) Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Yellow Sunshine Explosion MillYSE 351-CD, YSE 351-DCD UK 2015 Sell This Version
FMRCD01 Ace Ventura - Psychedelic Awakening album art Ace Ventura Psychedelic Awakening (Comp) Future Music Records (2) FMRCD01 UK 2018 Sell This Version

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January 19, 2016
I take it you can't buy the encounter on vinyl then


April 29, 2014
edited over 8 years ago
Yoni Oshrat aka Ace Ventura is one of the best psychedelic, progressive trance acts of our time (my all time favourite) and I think his music is intended to be listened to LOUD, in clubs - ideally at the big parties and festivals, such as Ozora, Boom, Universo Parallelo, etc. on the huge sound systems, so you can feel the bass in your guts!!! In my opinion only at the volume levels you have there you can hear all facets or layers of this music.

Yoni really understands to entertain you with a pumping bassline, deep tribal progressive trance... I love it when he let's the bass fade out, a build-up follows, there's a split-second pause and the bass kicks in again... or the same track evolves into something completely different (new tempo, new theme), yet still seems to blend in perfectly... gives me goosebumps and I get excited just thinking about it. ;-)

Vinyl or CD is no doubt the better listening experience for at home talking about media, but this should be a review about the artist in the first place and he really kicks ass. Listening to his music at a trance festival is an unforgettable experience, when the crowd is dancing as one, as a swarm - still everybody to their own rhythm, but aligned to the DJ's performance. At the moment Ace Ventura is often the front liner (or one of the front liners) at those big events which proofs his popularity and quality.

I also absolutely love his various projects with other great Psy/Prog acts, e.g. Zentura (with Zen Mechanics), Liquid Ace (with Liquid Soul) or Easy Riders (with Rocky). I can't wait for his new album 'Paradise Engineering' to be released and I really hope he keeps doing what he does for a looooooong time!!!
So seeing this artist live is the way to go:


March 11, 2013
edited over 5 years ago
This artist has been reccommended to me so i have done a bit of research but i have to say, but if it aint released on vinyl i won't listen to it at all, it's vinyl or nothing!!! i aint interested in stupid MP3 files, this trend of only releasing on MP3 SUCKS, especially when it comes to electronic music, Vinyl will always be the purist form of dj'ing, i could maybe resign myself to cd if there was no vinyl at all but MP3 arouses no enthusiasm at all in me!!!!!

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