Grindcore band from Örebro, Sweden, active between 1992 - 2004.

Now legendary grindcore act Nasum was formed by Anders Jakobson (guitar) and Rickard Alriksson (drums, vocals) as a side project for the death metal band Necrony. They began writing some material but nothing really happened until spring 1993 when they got in touch with German Poserslaughter Records that offered them a 7" EP split deal with Australian Blood Duster. After a while it however turned out to be a split with Agathocles. Before the recording of the material Mieszko Talarczyk (guitar) joined the band. The split with Agathocles was released and entitled "Blind World". The band had also sent a tape (containing songs from the split) to various labels in order to get more EP offeres etc. They received two offers, one offering a split-7" EP with Psycho on their own label Ax/ction Records, but also an opportunity to participate on the well-reputated Swedish hardcore compilation LP "Really Fast"'s 9th volume.

In November 1993 they returned to Unisound to record ten tracks. Nine for "Really Fast" LP and one for Mieszko's compilation tape "Corpse Flesh Genitals". While dealing with Ax/ction Records, Mieszko started his own label with a friend. Their first release was a four-way split-3" MCD including Nasum, Retaliation (Swe), Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ (Jap) and Vivisection (Jap). The release was called "Grindwork" which was released in 1994 along with the split-7" EP with Psycho, "Smile When You're Dead". In November 1994 they released the "Domedagen" demo, contained both new and old tracks, but because it was made with unexperienced students from a local sound technician school, the sound turned out bad. The next release was a MCD, "Industrislaven", which was released by Poserslaughter Records in September 1995.

After the release the band finally did some touring in Berlin with label mates Dead and Manus. But Rickard didn't want to play live so the band found Per Karlsson, who replaced him on the tour. After the tour Rickard left the band permanently and was replaced by Jallo Lehto, but it didn't work out so Anders took over the drums leaving Mieszko alone on guitar. In late 1996 the band recorded a split 7" EP with Abstain, "The Black Illusions", which was released by German Yellow Dog Records in 1998 and their first full 7" EP - "World In Turmoil", released by Japanese Blurred Records. After that the band recorded some tracks for compilation albums, "Regressive Hostility" and "Vision Of War". They also sent a tape to American Relapse Records, who were amazed and instantly offered them a deal. The band recorded their debut album "Inhale/Exhale" in 1997 and released it in 1998.

In November 1998 the band recorded more material for 7" EP splits, compilations and a also some for a box set called "Better off dead" which will be released by Clean Plate Records someday. After four years as a duo the band felt it was time to get a new bassplayer. In the spring of 1999 Jesper Liveröd joined the band. A really good start along with Relapse inviting them to the "Milwaukee Metalfest" in the US. It was four years since their last live show so the band had a really intense rehearsal. After the tour the band recorded "Human 2.0", which was released by Relapse Records in 2000 and after that they embarked on various tours. During the summer same year another split 7" EP was done. This time with Asterisk and one year later, one with Skitsystem.

In 2002 the band once again started working on a new album "Helvete", which was recorded and released in 2003. It featured Shane Embury of Napalm Death and Jörgen Sandström of Entombed playing bass and singing on some songs and also some local guests. The original drummer/singer Rickard Alriksson and Petter Freed of 2 Ton Predator came into the studio for some additional guitar noise. A while after the release Jesper left the band, but two new members joined. Bassist Jon "Elle" Lindqvist and former live-only guitarist Urban Skytt were the new recruits.

In 2004 Nasum released "Shift", which ended up being band's final studio effort. In December 2004 Mieszko Talarczyk went missing in Thailand while being on holiday with his girlfriend. His girlfriend survived but Mieszko was later found dead. He became one of the victims of the disastrous tsunami that hit South-East Asia killing over 150 000 people. This unfortunate event ended Nasum as an active band.

In 2012 Nasum returned for a final farewell tour with Keijo Niinimaa (of Rotten Sound) on vocals.


none Nasum - Grindwork album art Nasum / Retaliation / Vivisection (2) / C.S.S.O. Nasum / Retaliation / Vivisection (2) / C.S.S.O. - Grindwork(CD, Mini) Grindwork Productions none Sweden 1994 Sell This Version
Nasum - Inhale / Exhale album art Nasum Inhale / Exhale (Album, EP) Relapse Records US 1998 Sell This Version
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Nasum - Doombringer album art Nasum Doombringer (Album) Relapse Records US 2008 Sell This Version
Nasum - Live In Japan (Grind Kaijyu Attack!) album art Napalm Death vs. Nasum Napalm Death vs. Nasum - Live In Japan (Grind Kaijyu Attack!) Feto Records UK 2009 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

PSR-WIMP 011 Nasum - Who Shares The Guilt? / Blind World album art Agathocles / Nasum Agathocles / Nasum - Who Shares The Guilt? / Blind World(7", EP, Blu) Poserslaughter Records PSR-WIMP 011 Germany 1993 Sell This Version
Nasum - Domedagen album art Nasum Domedagen Not On Label (Nasum Self-released) Sweden 1994 Sell This Version
Nasum - Industrislaven album art Nasum Industrislaven (EP) Poserslaughter Records Germany 1995 Sell This Version
ACT 26 Nasum - Fuego Y Azufre! / Smile When You're Dead album art Psycho (10) / Nasum Psycho (10) / Nasum - Fuego Y Azufre! / Smile When You're Dead(7", Cle) Ax/ction Records ACT 26 US 1996 Sell This Version
BLURRED-13 Nasum - World In Turmoil album art Nasum World In Turmoil(7", EP, Gre) Blurred Records BLURRED-13 Japan 1996 Sell This Version
Nasum - Religion Is War / The Black Illusions album art Abstain (2) / Nasum Abstain (2) / Nasum - Religion Is War / The Black Illusions (EP) Yellow Dog Records Germany 1998 Sell This Version
Nasum - The Nasum / Warhate Campaign album art Nasum and Warhate Nasum and Warhate - The Nasum / Warhate Campaign Relapse Records US 1999 Sell This Version
BHR 8, none Nasum - Nasum / Dogma II : Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously [24-31] album art Nasum / Asterisk* Nasum / Asterisk* - Nasum / Dogma II : Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously [24-31](7") Busted Heads Records, Black Mask Collective, Putrid Filth Conspiracy BHR 8, none Sweden 2001 Sell This Version
ZERO 005 Nasum - Skitsystem / Nasum album art Skitsystem / Nasum Skitsystem / Nasum - Skitsystem / Nasum(7", EP, Num) No Tolerance Records ZERO 005 Sweden 2002 Sell This Version


Nasum - Grind Finale album art Nasum Grind Finale (Comp) Relapse Records US 2006 Sell This Version


none Nasum - Inhale​/​Exhale Rehearsal #1 1997 album art Nasum Inhale​/​Exhale Rehearsal #1 1997(25xFile, FLAC) Not On Label (Nasum Self-released) none Sweden 2018