Marquis De Sade


Marquis de Sade was a seminal French post-punk / new wave band, founded in 1977 in Rennes by singer Philippe Pascal and guitarist Frank Darcel. The band was highly influential and spearheaded the Rennes rock scene. They recorded two albums, before splitting in 1981 into Marc Seberg and Octobre (2).
The band reformed in 2017 for reunion concerts and recorded a new studio album under the name Marquis (27) after Philippe Pascal was found dead in September 2019.

Sites:Facebook , Wikipedia , Imdb
Members:Arnold Turboust, Christian Dargelos, Daniel Pabœuf, Eric Morinière, Frank Darcel, Gilles Rettel, Philippe Herpin, Philippe Pascal, Pierre Thomas, Serge Papaïl, Thierry Alexandre




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