German progressive rock band formed in Hannover in 1969. They took their name from H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine", and sci-fi elements feature in much of their music, particularly the mid-to-late 1970's concept albums.
In their early days Eloy played a heavy rock, at first influenced by British bands like Deep Purple or Uriah Heep, and then increasingly took on influences from Pink Floyd, mixed in with what became the distinctive Eloy sound.
Eloy (due to many line-up changes) became the project of front man Frank Bornemann, and basically four different bands during their history. Eloy went on to be one of the most internationally successful of German progressive rock bands born out of the Krautrock era.
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Eloy - Eloy album art Eloy Eloy (Album, Single) Philips Germany 1971 Sell This Version
Eloy - Inside album art Eloy Inside (Album) Harvest, EMI Electrola Portugal 1973 Sell This Version
Eloy - Floating album art Eloy Floating (Album) Harvest, EMI Electrola US 1974 Sell This Version
Eloy - Power And The Passion album art Eloy Power And The Passion (Album) Harvest, EMI Electrola Germany 1975 Sell This Version
Eloy - Dawn album art Eloy Dawn (Album) Harvest, HÖR ZU Germany 1976 Sell This Version
Eloy - Ocean album art Eloy Ocean (Album) Harvest, EMI Electrola Germany 1977 Sell This Version
Eloy - Live album art Eloy Live (Album) Harvest, EMI Electrola Germany 1978 Sell This Version
Eloy - Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes album art Eloy Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes (Album) Harvest, EMI Electrola Spain 1979 Sell This Version
Eloy - Colours album art Eloy Colours (Album) Harvest, EMI Electrola Germany 1980 Sell This Version
Eloy - Planets album art Eloy Planets (Album) Harvest, EMI Electrola Brazil 1981 Sell This Version
Eloy - Time To Turn album art Eloy Time To Turn (Album) Harvest, EMI Electrola UK 1982 Sell This Version
Eloy - Performance album art Eloy Performance (Album) Harvest France 1983 Sell This Version
Eloy - Codename Wildgeese - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album art Eloy Codename Wildgeese - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Album) Milan Germany 1984 Sell This Version
Eloy - Metromania album art Eloy Metromania (Album) Heavy Metal Worldwide Israel 1984 Sell This Version
Eloy - Ra album art Eloy Ra (Album) ACI Records UK 1988 Sell This Version
Eloy - Destination album art Eloy Destination (Album) ACI Records Germany 1992 Sell This Version
Eloy - The Tides Return Forever album art Eloy The Tides Return Forever (Album) ACI Records Germany 1994 Sell This Version
Eloy - Ocean 2 - The Answer album art Eloy Ocean 2 - The Answer (Album) GUN, BMG Germany 1998 Sell This Version
Eloy - Visionary album art Eloy Visionary (Album) Artist Station Records Germany 2009 Sell This Version
Eloy - Reincarnation On Stage album art Eloy Reincarnation On Stage (Album) Artist Station Records Germany 2014 Sell This Version
Eloy - The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre - Part I album art Eloy The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre - Part I (Album) Artist Station Records Germany 2017 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

D 700 Eloy - Walk Alone album art Eloy Walk Alone(7", Single) United Records (12) D 700 Germany 1970 Sell This Version
1C 006-30 481 Eloy - Daybreak album art Eloy Daybreak(7", Single) Harvest, EMI Electrola 1C 006-30 481 Germany 1973 Sell This Version
Eloy - Wings Of Vision album art Eloy Wings Of Vision (Single) Harvest Germany 1980 Sell This Version
Eloy - Wings Of Vision album art Eloy Wings Of Vision (Single, Maxi) Harvest, EMI Electrola Germany 1980 Sell This Version


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February 17, 2014
Eloy are one of the most consistent rock bands to have come out of Germany, instead of going 'commercial' or maintaining the same standard, Eloy have progressed through the years. The only other bands who have done the same have been Hoelderlin, Jane and Grobschnitt, who they can be classified along with sometimes. They were formed in the early 70's, and they released their first album in 1971. Until 1973, their history is not at all clear. The line-up at this time was bank Bornemann (guitar and vocals), Fritz Randow (drums and flute), Wolfgang Stoker (bass) and Manfred Wieczorke (keyboards, guitar and vocals). What is for sure is that they secured a contract with EMI-Electrola, who they have been with to this day, and promptly release INSIDE, which included the dynamic Land Of Nobody with some fantastic organ work from Manfred. This track is far superior to the Floyd's Echoes, which taps the same roots.
A year later FLOATING appears, and a guy called Luitjen Jansen replaces Stoker. This album is much more complete than INSIDE, containing the immaculate Light From Deep Darkness, which is the story of a land which has no light, until one day it does get light, and the citizens are astounded. As you may realise, Eloy's music is all about Science Fiction and mythology.
For the next album, Detlef Schwaar joined on lead guitar, which gave Bornemann more time to concentrate on his vocals. POWER AND PASSION is the first part of a two-part work concerning the life of Jamie. On this album, he accidentally goes back in time due to his father's experiments with time-eroding drugs, arrives in the year 1358, and has several experiences before returning to the present.
After this platter, the whole group splits up, with Wieczorke joining Jane. Unfortunately, the other members have disappeared from view, with the exception of Bornemann, who, having retained rights to the name Eloy, reformed the group with Jürgen Rosenthal (drums, percussion) from the Scorpions, plus Klaus-Peter Matziol (bass, vocals) and keyboard maestro Detlev Schmidtchen. This line-up has remained constant since. The next album, DAWN, closes the story of Jamie, telling of his supernatural experiences after returning to the present; a very eerie end to the tale perfectly brought over by the band in it's new guise.
In I977, Eloy turn into a cosmic rock group. The next platter, OCEAN, is all about the myths of Atlantis, and includes the epic Atlantis' Agony at June 5th - 8498, 13.PM, Gregorian Earthtime (what does it all mean?). To promote OCEAN Eloy went on the road and showed that they were the masters of Cosmo-rock (a good cliché - eh?).From this tour came the LIVE album which captures the moment perfectly whilst showcasing their development through the years. The epic Atlantis... is spread over side four, leaving Jane's Windows two leagues behind. (watch it, lads - Ed). This is the best Eloy album, and is highly recommended by us.
The latest release, SILENT CRIES & MIGHTY ECHOES, shows the group going even further into the cosmic field, even verging onto Tangerine Dream territory. It's uncanny that Force Majeure from the album of the same name is so much like Eloy, and both sets were recorded at the same time, or thereabouts
by Alan & Steve Freeman, first published in Face Out, issue 5 (August 1979)

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