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Lunar Asylum were formed in May 1995 by West London-based DJ/Producer Chris Stevenson and musician/engineer Paul Greendale. At the time Chris had just launched Sirius Records as a platform for exiting Rock-influenced electronic trance. The first release was Lunar Asylum's "Topple" which established the label as part of the London trance scene.
By 1997, Lunar Asylum had realised their aims of producing electronic rock music, using synths rather than guitars. This evident on the album "Lunar Asylum" with tracks such as 'Van Halen', 'Iron Age', 'G Lock' and 'Twister'.
Then firmly established, live gigs followed at diverse locations such as Estonia, Copenhagen, Manchester, Sheffield, London and more.

Sites:Facebook , Facebook , Soundcloud
Members:Chris Stevenson, Paul Greendale, Simmons
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