Votary is a Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band from Russia.

The band’s birthday is considered to be on February the 22 of the year 2013. This is the very day, when the band released its debut album and presented it to the audience. In some time before that, Dimitry Dok gathered three musicians to play true Melodic Death Metal, punchy and lyrical at the same time.

With time passing, the new songs were born and the starting point began to alter, absorbing new ideas and burst into bloom with new colors. Finally, the strong-knit band emerged out of four musicans, the music emerged out of the ideas, and the band understood, that it was time to take action.
This is how the first album “Seek another life” appeared and the band made their first step in music.

The band’s main ideology is Post Apocalypse. We see, that the mankind already lives in a distorted, torn apart world, where some try to keep the visibility of existing government and order, others burst in religious teachings with rage of a fanatic. Some are so overwhelmed, that they are going mad, committing with suicide, shooting themselves, hanging themselves. Some are stepping away from this, and observing in total loneliness, feeling powerless to change anything. And all this going on with banana wars, industrial disasters and mother nature’s rampage for the background. The things, that are missing to finish the picture are zombies and a deadly virus (sometimes it seems that those two are also present though).

Our goal is to underline these edges of life, to make them more obvious. And we’re going to do this without hesitations and with no compromises.


Votary Discography Tracks


none Votary - Фронт Музыкального Освобождения. Вторая Дивизия album art Various Horsemen Of Fire and 1 more… Various - Фронт Музыкального Освобождения. Вторая Дивизия(DVD-D, Comp + 247xFile, MP3 + 27xFile, FLV) DM Promo none Russia 2011 Sell This Version